OSC, Noah, and what does it mean to be a strong woman?

Jennifer Connelly as Noah's wife

Well, this is boring. I mostly agree with Uncle Orson about Noah. The added details are of little relevance to the story itself, which is one of moral dilemma. It illuminates what kind of man Noah probably was, what kind of an experience he would have had, and the failure he likely felt. And though I didn’t mention it, the ... Read More »

Noah and the anti-feminist liberality


Vladimir and I watched Noah a couple of weeks ago. We’d already wanted to watch it before, but then there was a bunch of excitement and so now we needed to see for ourselves. Vladimir hates the movie. He says it’s not worth your time. It’s not the best movie. The second half gets slow – slow enough that I ... Read More »

Holiday Merriment, Life Changes and don’t let guilt stop you

The holidays are always a busy time of year, and often takes away from writing – especially if you’re in charge of the making merry. This holiday season ended with me getting a job at the very school I write from. The cons have been that I’m very busy. The pros are that, when I’m not busy there, I have ... Read More »

Planning your writing to be efficient when you write.

It’s quite by chance that I’m writing this today. I came to the school, where I usually write because’s it’s rather far from our house, and found that my power cord hadn’t made it into the bag. This rarely happens because the battery on my little laptop is almost worthless. I have probably 45 minutes. Or less, since it turns ... Read More »

The first Christmas songs

Music ED-1

Yesterday we started our advent calendar, which this year is a reading of scripture and a song. Last night it was Angels We Have Heard on High. It got me to thinking, what was the very first Christmas song? What is the oldest one we sing? There really just aren’t a lot of informational links that I’m finding, so except ... Read More »

Catching Fire Review


I had the chance to watch Catching Fire last night. Vladimir asked me if it was better than the movie version of Hunger Games. He didn’t actually like Hunger Games the movie (he didn’t read the book), and on some level I don’t blame him. Hunger Games starts off dreary and ends with children killing children until only two have ... Read More »

Religion, God, Evolution and Faith


A week ago Saturday (November 9, 1013), I attended a symposium called Science and Mormonism: Cosmos, Earth, and Man. We heard several lectures throughout the day, then ended with a panel that mostly discussed questions of evolution and LDS theology. In general, this isn’t a blog on religion, but this week I find it impossible to not write about it. Science and ... Read More »

The strange case of Dr. Scott


I was going to do a curious history of toothbrushes. That will still happen, since it IS interesting. But I got sidetracked during the research by one “Dr. Scott.” George Augustus Scott, an Englishman, gained several patents on health and beauty items “improved” by adding a magnetic rod in their core. It started with: Dr. Scott’s Electric Tooth Brush From ... Read More »

Book Review: The Golden City by J. Kathleen Cheney


This is definitely one case where you should judge a book by its cover.  The clothing is beautiful. There is intrigue, politics, and murder; a team of paranormally gifted heroes; and of course there is romance. Think Downton Abbey set in Portugal, if all the sea folk of mythologies existed. Mermaids (or sirens, called Seria in the book), Selkie (Scottish ... Read More »

Feed your brain links: The history and future of automobiles

Well, I we just got a new payment car. I feel like I’m living in the future, because it’s hooked up by bluetooth to my phone. Audiobooks, music, talking hands free. Wonderful! Plus, my key doesn’t even have to come out of my purse at all! Which, if you’ve seen me try to juggle stuff around or look frantically for ... Read More »