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Star Trek: Into Darkness

Star Trek: Into Darkness

I watched Star Trek: Into Darkness. I’m a fan, grew up watching it with my dad, so I’ve been through the whole ride.

I find a couple of things bothered me, but strangely the movie is growing on me. A bunch of things kind of bothered me right off the bat, but now I’m figuring out that there are a few extra layers that make it watchable a second time. I won’t say much more, there is some spoilage and I haven’t formalized my thoughts into any kind of review or essay. But it has caused me to go back and rewatch a movie and episode of the original series, and I’ll post my experiences with them in a day or two along with how I think they all mesh together. If you (how many readers? One or two of you?) still haven’t watched the movie and you care, well I guess you’ve been warned.

But one thing I can say: the 3D in this one was well done. Subtle, but enhancing the movie experience.

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